AEHRC researchers recognised with CSIRO Health and Biosecurity Awards

April 15th, 2024

Our people were acknowledged across six award categories for their ground-breaking work, commitment to research and innovation, and exemplification of CSIRO values.

Entrepreneurship Award

Janet Fox, Kaley Butten and Marlien Varnfield for the commercialisation of CSIRO’s M♡THer solution for managing gestational diabetes.

Kaley and Marlien from the team behind MoTHer.

Science and Engineering Excellence Award

The Neurodevelopment and Plasticity (NDP) team: Dana Bradford (TL), Kerstin Pannek, Alex Pagnozzi, Parnesh Raniga, Julie Trinder, Javier Urriola, Jess Bugeja, Aida Brankovic for placing CSIRO at the forefront of imaging-based insights into the detection and diagnosis of neurodevelopmental conditions, and the effectiveness of interventions designed to ameliorate adverse outcomes.

Digital Transformation Award

The HOTspots team: Teresa Wozniak, Majella Murphy, David Conlan and Aminath Shausan for their innovative AMR platform. HOTspots digitalises disease surveillance, providing timely, region-specific data at the point-of- care, informing treatment guidelines. It empowers local clinicians and impacts national antimicrobial resistance policy making with insights from previously underserved regions.

Aminath, Lorraine, Teresa and Yen from the team behind HOTspots.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Engagement Impact Award

Ray Mahoney, Sophie Wright-Pedersen and Georgina Chelberg (Indigenous Health Team – AEHRC) for their strong, ongoing three-year relationship and partnership with Tangentyere Council Aboriginal Corporation to co-deliver the Residential Thermal Comfort project for improved remote Indigenous housing conditions.

Support Excellence Award

Naomi Stekelenburg has developed a series of videos that totally change how we communicate our digital health research. These included short “hype” style videos, longer “interview” videos, staff background and partner videos.

Naomi Stekelenburg, H&B Communications Advisor.

People Excellence

Alana Delaforce, Moid Sandhu and Jessica Rahman were part of the H&B EMCR committee.