Transformational bioinformatics

Researchers in our Transformational Bioinformatics group use cutting edge genomics for health research.

The health and lifesciences arena continue to be transformed by digital disruption across Australia and the world. The increase in data volumes to understand disease and medical conditions poses new and unique challenges for the medical industry. To address this, we develop world-leading novel bioinformatics solutions for research and industry.

Researchers in our Transformational Bioinformatics group is at the cutting edge of cloud-native genomics research, developing novel machine learning and advanced cloud architectures to drive innovation in the use of genomics in the health system. Our research delivers impact in two main genomics disciplines: genome sequence analysis and digital genome engineering.

Research areas:

  • Genome insights
  • Digital genome engineering
  • Platform tech
  • Variantspark
  • Serverless Beacon
  • GT-Scan