Join our digital health team!

Join Australia’s largest digital health research centre in tackling global healthcare challenges.

The Australian e-Health Research Centre is CSIRO’s dedicated digital health research program.

We’re looking for more bright minds to join our team to improve healthcare in Australia with digital technologies.

What we do

Our scientists and engineers work with our healthcare collaborators using our
digital and biomedical expertise to develop and deliver innovative research science throughout the global digital health ecosystem.

We work across healthcare—from genomics and biomedical imaging to technologies for electronic health data and records to delivering health care virtually—to improve health outcomes and create an efficient healthcare system.

Three key goals drive all our work

Everything we do is focussed on three key goals:

  1. Drive the digital transformation of healthcare systems—supporting better decision making through interoperability of healthcare systems, analytics of health care data and new ways of looking at biomedical data.
  2. Transforming the way healthcare is delivered—using virtual technologies to put digital science and technology at the heart of Australia’s recovery and resilience.
  3. Speed the transition to precision health in our healthcare system using digital health technologies.

We’re hiring talented researchers and engineers at all levels

Artificial intelligence

Our research uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to solve problems in areas including medical imaging, genomics, sensor data, electronic health record data and more.

Data science and statistics

Join our teams working in data science and statistics – extracting meaningful insights from data for real world use in our health system.

Biomedical science

Biomedical scientists with expertise in bioinformatics, biomedical imaging and more are essential members of our teams.

Bioinformatics and genome engineering

With genomics increasingly used as part of clinical care, we need bioinformatics specialists to build new applications in the health space.

Indigenous Health

People with a passion for reducing the gap in Indigenous Health outcomes

Software engineering

We’re looking for frontend developers, backend developers & DevOps engineers.

Cloud computing and architecture

Develop, create, and modify digital health solutions using cloud technologies, including the latest machine learning and serverless cloud technologies.

Implementation science

Help translate and evaluate digital health technologies by identifying and resolving the challenges and barriers to implementation.

Health and medical specialists

A number of our staff have a health or medical background that they use to drive the digital transformation of healthcare.


Postdoctoral Fellowships

Take advantage of CSIRO’s world leading postdoctoral research program and expand your research career in digital health with us!

We regularly have postdoctoral fellowships available in many of the above areas.

From our team

The digital health transformation is here.

The global spotlight is now on digital technologies as the way forward for delivering efficient, safe and cost-effective healthcare.

Digital health provides the opportunity to work with the most modern technologies for real social benefit.

Australia is at the forefront of modern digital health. This includes the use of cloud technologies or artificial intelligence methodologies for processing genomics, imaging data and other health data. At CSIRO’s e-Health research centre, we take advantage of modern web-based technologies to ensure interoperability of health records and the use of mobile phones for healthcare delivery.

If you want your research to have a meaningful impact on healthcare, then CSIRO is your kind of place and we’d love to talk with you about a future at CSIRO.

Dr David Hansen, CEO and Research Director, CSIRO Australian e-Health Research Centre

Meet some of our team

Hear from some of our team on what they love about working at CSIRO on the digital transformation of healthcare.


Denis Bauer, Research Scientist

What excites me about working for CSIRO is the creative freedom we have in tackling Australia’s biggest priority areas. The breadth of in-house expertise and our non-traditional leadership structure means we can quickly identify the most effective technology and build prototypes.

Derek Ireland, Software Engineer

CSIRO does more than talk about “work/life balance” — their work from home packages, flexible hours and lots of other schemes mean as employees our mental and physical health are taken seriously.

Aaron Nicolson, Post-doctoral Research Fellow

My supervisors know how to truly lead research projects to maximise innovation. I work on some of the big problems in digital health under solid guidance from people with decades of experience and massive industry contacts.