Personalising healthcare with artificial intelligence

December 7th, 2022

Hear directly from three of our innovative AEHRC scientists about their efforts to transform healthcare using artificial intelligence and machine learning.  

Dr Sankalp Khanna explains how his team are using artificial intelligence, statistics, simulation, and more to improve our health system and support effective decision-making in health settings. Learn about how their research is not only important, but deeply personal to Dr Khanna.  

Dr Aaron Nicholson explores the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence tools in medical imaging. Discover how he came to do research in this area and why it continues to excite him. Computers capable of thinking like clinicians are just the beginning. 

Dr Denis Bauer offers a peek into the world of precision medicine. She explains how her team are working with collaborators to use artificial intelligence, cloud computing and big data to reimagine healthcare. Are we on the cusp of a medical revolution? Dr Bauer sure thinks so. 

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Scientists at CSIRO’s Australian e-Health Research Centre are using artificial intelligence and machine learning to personalise healthcare. The interviews with three CSIRO scientists cover healthcare topics such as data analytics, precision medicine and imaging.