Improving healthcare through interoperability

June 19th, 2023

Find out how we're tackling interoperability to improve healthcare for all Australians.

Here at CSIRO’s Australian e-Health Research Centre (AEHRC), we believe that sharing is caring. That’s why our interoperability team are hard at work enabling seamless healthcare data exchange.

What’s interoperability? Kate Ebrill tackles this tricky question in the video below. She explains how interoperability relies on standards like FHIR (pronounced ‘fire’) to describe clinical content shared between systems.

A hot topic in interoperability is optimising information exchange to address health challenges at a population level. Dr Teresa Wozniak describes how her tool, HOTspots, uses data collected from across Australia to monitor the distribution of antimicrobial resistant infections.

Dr Michael Lawley and his team are also bringing the heat. He explains how they developed software that helps systems speak the same language. Ontoserver enables clinicians to store and share precise clinical data more efficiently.

Join the talented people of the AEHRC to find out how we’re setting the interoperability space alight.

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CSIRO experts explain FHIR, Ontoserver and how they can be used to improve health systems.