Everyday AI: CSIRO’s new podcast exploring artificial intelligence

January 16th, 2023

New year, new you. How about a new podcast too?

We’ve got just the recommendation.

Have you ever wondered what AI is? Or how it’s useful to you? Or if computers will one day become sentient and take over the world?

AI expert Jon Whittle explores all of these questions and more in CSIRO’s new podcast, Everyday AI. It’s available right now on all major podcast platforms.

The podcast goes beyond sensational headlines to bring you science, not sci-fi. Over six 20–30-minute episodes, Whittle joins researchers, scientists and other exciting guests to investigate the role of AI in our lives. They also ponder the big question – what could AI look like in the future?

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An episode for everyone

#1 What AI isn’t

Kicking off with a bang, the first episode sees Whittle joined by two AI experts. They look at where AI came from, show how it’s everywhere around us, and weigh in on whether AI will ever be able to fall in love. Curious? Go to Apple, Spotify or iHeart.

#2 Creativity generators – AI in music

If you’re a music buff, you won’t want to miss this episode where composer Justin Shave and writer and musician Claire L. Evans join in the fun. Whittle and his guests explore creativity in AI and run into interesting questions along the way. Head to Apple, Spotify or iHeart to listen in to this episode.

#3 Chatbots & health apps – AI in healthcare

Of course this is our very fave episode! The future of health is here and AEHRC is stoked to be part of it. Whittle invites researchers, including the AEHRC’s own David Ireland, to share how they’re using AI to assist cancer detection and help children with autism spectrum disorder. Listen now on Apple, Spotify or iHeart.

#4 AI and citizen science – AI in ecology

We head into the great outdoors. Whittle joins researchers to explore how AI can be used as a tool to assist in animal population monitoring and rehabilitating ecosystems. The best part? Everyday citizen scientists can get involved. Stay indoors for now though, and jump onto Apple, Spotify or iHeart.

#5 Data, numbers & AI vision – AI in sport

Data and numbers can be a little dry. But what about when sport is involved? Sports afficionados will love this episode, where we hear from Whittle, as well as sports players and officials, about how AI currently features in most sports. Listen to this episode on Apple, Spotify or iHeart.

#6 The final frontier – AI in space

Reach for the stars in this final episode. Astrophysicists, astronomers and space engineers reveal the pivotal role of AI in space exploration. Prepare to have your mind blown! The secrets of space are at your fingertips – head to Apple, Spotify or iHeart.

Listen in!

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