New report says healthcare is a winner when it comes to AI

March 27th, 2024

Check out the report to discover the future of AI in the diagnosis, treatment and management of disease.


Our new report AI Trends for Healthcare, released today, shows that healthcare is set to be the big winner in the artificial intelligence stakes.

The recent explosion in AI for healthcare has resulted from a rapid increase in compute power, as well as the availability of AI tools being developed by research centres like AEHRC in collaboration with industry.

This is not unlike many sectors where AI is taking hold. But healthcare is unique because the safety and success of the technology can mean life and death, health or disease.

We published our first AI report in 2020, at the height of the pandemic and at an epoch which will undoubtedly be remembered as the tidal wave for digital health.

This report leans to some extent on the first edition especially in that we explain some of the terms and language around health AI.

What’s new is a challenges and opportunities section and a case studies section where we reveal the latest research using AI for health.

This report is not to be missed if you’re interested in how AI will be used in the future of diagnosis, treatment and management of disease.