CSIRO tools used to discover two new genetic variants for Alzheimer’s disease

December 14th, 2023

Research scientists at AEHRC have used AI to further unlock the genetic secrets to Alzheimer's disease.

With rates expected to double by 2058, Alzheimer’s disease is the most prevalent form of dementia in Australia.

But our scientists are working hard to understand the complex genetics to help treat and prevent Alzheimer’s.

Using CSIRO tools VariantSpark and BitEpi, researchers at AEHRC have unlocked more of the genetic secrets behind Alzheimer’s disease.

In a paper published in Scientific Reports, researchers outlined their findings of two new genetic variants associated with Alzheimer’s, and an additional 95 new gene interactions that may further influence the development of the disease.

Identifying these variants and gene interactions is crucial in Alzheimer’s research, allowing scientists to better understand the causes of the disease – a step closer to being able to treat or prevent it.

Find out more about how we’re fighting against Alzheimer’s disease in the full news release here.